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Individual Counselling Sessions


Most of my clients are drawn to therapy with the desire to change an aspect of their lives. This is typically around a sense of disconnection in a personal relationship. It may occur within the family system, workplace, or even in the relationship you have with yourself.

If we become fixed in our patterns of responding to others, or when life throws a curveball, our choice becomes limited. The consequence is a sense of feeling stuck and may play out as either heightened anxiety and or depression. This rigidity will shut our connection system down as a form of protection. Alternatively, we feel the desire to run or escape from the situation we can't cope with. These responses are coming directly from our autonomic nervous system. Working from a body-centered system brings more awareness and invites understanding for these instinctual survival needs, which drive our unconscious reactions.

I will be guided by your early attachment history, and invite you to feel into the smallest sensations happening in your body, while we unpack the issue together. Although your story may be quite old, it is the limiting effect it is having on your present life that we are directly working on. We explore together, using a little bit of the story, and somatic techniques to learn about how your body has been containing this and other issues for you.

My role as your counsellor

My role is to support you to really slow down and feel exactly where the bracing and tension is being held. This will then help you to carefully discharge any residue, allowing vitality to return and regulate your system in a more balanced way.

Please note, because we are working with your nervous system and its primitive survival patterns this can be tiring work. The sessions are designed to build resilience and flexibility back into your system. This work takes time and needs to be done with respect.

Counselling services include

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For your privacy and discretion, sessions are held in professional rooms at Mona Vale on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

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