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Relationship Counselling

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I am guided by the early attachment history of the couple, as I find it is often unresolved conflict that brings couples to work on their relationships. It may be an argument which never gets resolved, or a sense of not being heard or understood by the other. It may be specific behaviour patterns, which influence one's ability to communicate effectively and ultimately disconnects them from the other. But it is the inability to not feel completely safe with the other which is the fundamental issue.

When a sudden life event transpires, a once stable relationship can become derailed without warning and our survival system springs into 'fight or flight', meaning we have little or no conscious control over our reactions and responses. When our defense system is driving the relationship it becomes critical to receive some couples counselling.

Sometimes the issue involves an infidelity or lack of intimacy in the relationship. You may be at a point of not knowing whether to stay or leave. Relationship counselling provides an opportunity to confidentially engage and explore with a professional who can listen without judgement, and support you to be become more aware of your unmet needs.

My approach assists individuals to unpack their responses in front of the other, offering a deeper insight into their partner. I'm not there to take sides or give advice. Instead, I offer unbiased containment as you explore your responses in a safe way and re-establish a secure attachment, which has somehow been lost. Only when we discover the core of our wounds can we move towards repair. Our deepest primal longing is to be connected in a secure way.

Relationship counselling sessions run for 90 minutes.

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Counselling services include

I see individual clients in my professional rooms at Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches, Sydney.

For more information about relationship counseling or to book a session

For your privacy and discretion, sessions are held in professional rooms at Mona Vale on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

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