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Why our bodies get stuck


When safety isn't available in our environment or relationships, as humans, we will do anything to get into a safer zone. This may involve closing off, spacing-out into dissociation or collapse, or running as fast as we can in the opposite direction. These are all life saving strategies but disconnect us from relationship with our own bodies and others.

In an attempt to get into a more manageable zone, we inadvertently can become stuck. Let's explore this using the metaphor of an elevator becoming stuck in between floors of a building. Becoming stuck means we never get out of the elevator, let alone the building, and our whole worldview begins to shrink.

If, in our elevator, we become jammed in the 'on' position, we will feel anxious, panicky and fearful. If we become jammed in the ' off ' position we will feel depressed, alone and suffering from chronic pain. If we imagine our bodies as this building and our nervous system as an elevator, moving between the floors, which represent our emotional states, we need to instead be able to move freely up and down inside our building.

Being able to identify that, when we become activated, information is coming from a procedural body memory (which occurs in a millisecond of time) which is too fast for the thinking mind to override. This habitual way of responding to stress has become wired into your system to assist your existence by acting quickly from the amygdala area, without thinking.

Through Somatic Experiencing and some therapeutic touch we can uncover sensations of activation within your body's system, and discover new ways to manage those autonomic bodily responses. This will offer greater choice and more stability in all your relationships.

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