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somatic nervous system

Somatic Therapist, Body Orientated Psychotherapy and Counselling Sydney

Somatic Experience Practitioner SEP

Over time man has evolved to override the biological need to discharge surplus energy from our nervous system, which occurs after a threat or attack, be it perceived or real. This override causes surplus energy to become trapped creating havoc through various physical symptoms as our body attempts to hold it for us.

Wild animals naturally release energy, as they retain ability to simply "shake it off" without any judgment or shame. Think of a dog shaking in fear during a thunderstorm. I believe it is important to be supported to release residue from overwhelming events in a safe and gentle manner. This supports not only our emotional balance but also the wellbeing of our whole immune system

Somatic Experience guides our bodies to discharge past events as sensations rather than continuing to store them as memories. These sensations, when allowed to be experienced, can be safely cleared in the therapeutic setting. People commonly experience a reduction or disappearance in their overall symptoms.

Somatic Experience reveals it is not the actual event, which holds us back, but rather the residual energy, which has become stuck in our system that is having an impact. My role is to support you to really slow down and feel exactly where the bracing and tension is being held. This will then help you to carefully discharge any residue, allowing vitality to return and regulate your system in a more balanced way.


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For your privacy and discretion, sessions are held in professional rooms at Mona Vale on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

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