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Touch Therapy


Co-regulation through touch therapy helps people to feel safe in their bodies

Our first experience of co-regulation usually occurs when we are still infants with our mothers. Sometimes, through no fault of our own, touch or containment from our mother was absent. With the support of professional touch, this missing piece from our early history can be restored.

Touch therapy will support an individual's capacity to be with their bodily sensations. It reduces the need to move away or disconnect from relationships, which may currently feel uncomfortable. This weaves in beautifully with attachment work and other developmental psychotherapy.

Co-regulation is built on trust and reciprocal between two people. During the early stages, just like mother and child, the therapist provides support for the client to receive. Touch work soothes our nervous system on a deeper level, allowing us to feel truly safe in our bodies. As mammalians we are part of the warm-blooded group of animals so being in contact is an ingrained part of our survival history.

Remaining stuck in a vigilant state is exhausting and pulls us away from being in relationship with others, because it feels difficult in some way. Our bodily signals may not be operating in present time or with any conscious awareness. Instead, it will be in survival mode, with an in-completed fragment jammed inside the nervous system.

People generally leave touch sessions feeling a sense of calmness and with more space in their bodies. Some clients feel tired or a little heavy, as a lot of effort has been used keeping the world at a safe distance. Either way you should plan to rest as your body continues to internally integrate this work.

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